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Meet Team BD...

- Rob Davies, Author -

Rob has turned his hand to many trades over the years including an engineer making F1 and World Rally cars, a machine driver on building sites and also a Yachtmaster sailing boats all around the planet.

His venture into the world of children's literature began only recently, inspired by his two sons (Jack and Rory), Rob combined a memory from a library of Jack's toddler antics with with his own experiences from a fabulous visit to Australia in his twenties and his own wacky sense of humour to create this sensational children's story. Driven by a desire to show his boys they can do whatever they set their minds to, Rob knuckled down and wrote 'The Big Booey Dooey and the Croco-whale-roo' during the the first lockdown of the historic 2020 Covid pandemic and published in December 2020... and if we are very lucky, will be inspired to write another book in (a much more normal) 2021.  

- Steph Breen, Illustrator -

Steph has been a graphic designer since she left school, working for various agencies before starting her own business in 2003. She has helped several authors 'self-publish' in recent years using her design and marketing expertise, including two other children's books. Knowing her passion for art, having seen her skills in action for other authors and being a proud mum to the main characters, Rob knew there was no-one else to bring his story to life... and the book became a family affair!

Draft and draft, Steph worked tirelessly on the initial sketches until she was happy that the illustrations had really captured the characters and then began illustrating the pages to Rob's text. After getting the book printed, registered and organising marketing and promotion, Steph is taking a well deserved rest before the next challenge... what crazy creatures will Rob concoct for her to draw next??

- Jack & Rory, the inspiration -

As you explore the pages of The Big Booey Dooey and the Croco-whale-roo you will meet two boys who are adventurous and fun-loving. The real Jack and Rory are no different! They are happiest outside embroiled in an action-packed game and their kind-hearted natures attract a crowd of children wherever they go.... old friends and new.

The idea for the Booey Dooey began when Jack was just a toddler (he is not so tiny any more!), and a little rough-and-tumble game with his Dad led to him innocently calling Rob a 'Big Booey Dooey' which he cheekily explained as a funny creature with two heads! And so the seed of creation was sewn. As well as being a comical, crazy tale the book shows the boys having the courage to see past the obvious, being kind and helpful and making a new friend – a life lesson that Rob and Steph are very proud to say Jack and Rory are becoming experts at.

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